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Aerosoft – Berlin-Tegel XP Update

The German airport Berlin-Tegel EDDT gets a very interesting update for X-Plane 11, and it’s on sale 30% OFF at simMarket until May 19th !

Aerosoft – Berlin-Tegel Professional P3D4

The Professional P3D4 airports series of Aerosoft are major airports with performance optimization and additional effects, exclusively made possible for the latest version of this

Aerosoft – Berlin Tegel 4k Previews

Mathijs Kok recently posted some “4k” previews of their upcoming Berlin Tegel Project in development by PadLabs. There’s quite a collection of images that you

Aerosoft German Airports 3 2012 X

Aerosoft have updated their German Airports 3 X package, incorporating Hamburg, Bremen, Berlin-Tegel, Paderborn-Lippstadt and Luebeck, under the name “German Airports 3 2012 X“. If

Berlin Tegel Airport For FSX

A new product in the German Airports 3 series from Aerosoft has made its appearance; the famous Berlin Tegel Airport. “…. Continuing in the tradition

Berlin Tegel Airport From Aerosoft

Aerosoft today released German airports 3 Berlin Tegel “Otto Lilienthal”, the main airport for Berlin for another year (then it will be closed and replaced

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