Aerosoft – Bali & Berlin-Tegel XP Updates

X-Plane pilots, Aerosoft have two sceneries recently updated for you. In Bali XP version 1.02, the static aircraft are fixed and the windsocks act according the direction and speed.

Berlin Tegel XP is compatible with X-Plane 11 only. The update 1.01 brings important enhancements : AI traffic routes are fixed, the ground details and reflections are improved, 3D grass and runway markings missing are now added.

Complete changelog of Berlin Tegel XP11 :
· AI Traffic Routes fully compatible
· Improved ground details and reflections
· Added missing runway markings
· Added 3D grass
· JSGME compatible (winter + zonephoto)

Ground Traffic
We are still focusing on marginals Ground Traffic Plugin for animated traffic at the airport because the x-plane integrated ground traffic is still insufficent. We might change that in the future. However it looks like a lot of plugins af compatiblity issues in the latest XP11 version (error code 126). We are still waiting for a solution so if you don’t see any car traffic we apologise but can’t help right now (same for the hangar-animations).

JSGME Mod Enabler
The winter and zonephoto version can now easily be activated with the JSGME Mod Enabler. See instructions in the included folder “JSGME Mod”.

Static Aircrafts
Because of the bankruptcy of Air Berlin the type of aircrafts/liveries at Berlin-Tegel will probably change in the near future. As we are in contact with a local Ramp Agent we will adapt the static aircrafts to the real appearance as soon as there is a significant change visible at the airport. For now enjoy the last Air Berlin aircrafts!

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