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Prealsoft – Berlin Landmarks MSFS

To enhance the important capital city of Germany, Prealsoft adds realistic landmarks in Berlin for MSFS. They used PBR and night textures to wrap their

Aerosoft – Berlin-Tegel XP 10/11

Explore the photoreal scenery of Berlin-Tegel EDDT in X-Plane 10 or 11. Aerosoft raised the quality with advanced features that include animations, night effects and

Aerosoft – Berlin Tegel is Out !

Opened in 1948, Berlin Tegel still remains as the main airport of Berlin until Brandenburg opens. After its modernization in 1970’s in order to remplace

Aerosoft – Berlin Leipzig TS 2016

195km is the length of the new route from Aerosoft for Train Simulator 2016, between Berlin and Leipzig. The German publisher adds realistic signalling, custom

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