Aerosoft – Release of Zurich V2 and Berlin Brandenburg for X-Plane 12/11

Aerosoft – Airport Zurich V2 X-Plane 12/11

Experience the grandeur of Switzerland’s largest airport with Aerosoft’s newly released Airport Zurich V2 for X-Plane 12/11. This meticulously crafted scenery captures every detail of Zurich-Kloten, featuring high-resolution 2K textures and intricate 3D modeling. Animated radar systems, windsocks, and airport traffic bring the environment to life, while baked textures and X-Plane’s HDR rendering deliver stunning night effects. The XP12 version introduces improvements like revised custom mesh, 3D vegetation, weather effects, and enhanced performance. Current owners of the XP10/11 version can enjoy a free upgrade, making this a must-have for aviation enthusiasts. Available at SIMMARKET.

Aerosoft – Airport Berlin Brandenburg X-Plane 12/11

Embark on exciting adventures at the newly opened Berlin Brandenburg Airport with Aerosoft’s X-Plane 12/11 extension. Covering both the new BER Terminal and the former Schönefeld Airport, this scenery offers a diverse range of flight opportunities. The standalone XP12 version features realistic day and night textures over 100 km² of high-resolution aerial imagery. Animated approach lights, jetways, and ground service vehicles contribute to an immersive experience, with compatibility for SAM Colors & Seasons, default AI-Traffic, and World Traffic 3. XP12 enhancements include revised ground, new markings, vegetation placement, and weather effects. Previous XP10/11 version owners can enjoy a free upgrade, making Aerosoft’s Airport Berlin Brandenburg a top choice for X-Plane enthusiasts. Available at SIMMARKET.

FREE upgrade for owners of the previous XP10/11 version and XP12 new features

Elevate your X-Plane experience with Aerosoft’s latest releases at SIMMARKET. The Airport Zurich V2 promises a breathtaking journey into Switzerland’s largest airport, featuring intricate details, realistic textures, and performance optimizations for XP12. Meanwhile, the Airport Berlin Brandenburg X-Plane 12/11 extension opens up a world of possibilities at the new BER Terminal and the former Schönefeld Airport, boasting standalone XP12 features, enhanced visuals, and free upgrades for previous version owners. Immerse yourself in these highly detailed sceneries, available at SIMMARKET.

Aerosoft takes customer satisfaction to new heights with the release of upgraded versions for both Airport Zurich V2 and Airport Berlin Brandenburg in X-Plane 12, accompanied by exciting features. Owners of the previous XP10/11 versions will be delighted to know that they are entitled to free upgrades, ensuring they don’t miss out on the cutting-edge improvements. In Zurich, experience a visual feast with revised custom mesh, enhanced orthophoto featuring summer, autumn, and winter versions, and the introduction of XP12 3D vegetation for a more immersive environment. With volumetric grass, weather effects for wetness, ice, and snow, and full support for XP12 native seasons, the upgrade delivers a heightened sense of realism. Additional features include revised lighting, static cars, corrected infrastructure, and more, promising an unparalleled X-Plane experience.

Meanwhile, Berlin Brandenburg’s XP12 version boasts a standalone and fully customized experience, featuring revised lighting, ground with current traces of wear, and new markings for parking stands. The addition of XP12’s 3D vegetation seamlessly integrates forests, trees, and bushes, enhancing the overall visual appeal. The update also includes weather effects, full support for XP12 native seasons, improved static aircraft placement, reworked autogen, street placement, parking lots, and ground traffic, making it a comprehensive and dynamic aviation package. Aerosoft’s commitment to providing these upgrades ensures that users can enjoy the latest advancements in X-Plane technology without any additional cost, reinforcing their dedication to delivering a top-tier simulation experience.

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