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SLH Sim Designs – TXKF Bermuda MSFS

Flying to the Bermudas is rewarding the virtual pilot with an excellent airport scenery designed by SLH Sim Designs. Their new airport TXKF Bermuda for

LatinVFR – Bermuda TXKF V2 P3D

LatinVFR comes back in the Caribbean to produce a Version 2 of Bermuda TXKF, exclusively made for P3D4. All islands are covered and treated with photoreal

LatinVFR create the tip of the triangle

Centering around the L. F. Wade International Airport, LatinVFR‘s new Bermuda scenery covers not only the airport and main island, but also provides the archipelago

LatinVFR Preview Bermuda

LatinVFR have posted a single screenshot and a slightly out-of-scale map to their forums showing their upcoming next scenery, the Carribbean archipelago of Bermuda. According

Just Planes – Air Canada A319 A321 DVD

httpv:// The A319 and A321 are a classic in Just Planes cockpit videos collection. This DVD includes 4h of action with Air Canada but it’s

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