FREE : THRUSTMASTER – I-LAND Secret Playground MSFS X-Plane 12/11 at SIMMARKET

Embark on an exhilarating aviation escapade with THRUSTMASTER I-LAND Secret Playground in the Bermuda region, in this captivating fictional scenery available for FREE for MSFS and X-Plane 12/11 on SIMMARKET. Thrustmaster partners now with SIMMARKET to bring you this immersive experience for free, designed to cater to flyers of all skill levels. More gifts, challenges and giveaways are coming too !

Download now for FREE at SIMMARKET 👇

Located in the picturesque Bermuda region, THRUSTMASTER I-LAND Secret Playground offers a diverse range of environments, from expansive deserts to majestic mountains, military zones, bustling urban metropolises, and even an aircraft carrier for expert challenges.

Explore six airports, including a full-scale international facility, and 12 airstrips with varying difficulty levels, each providing a unique flying experience. The meticulously detailed mapping includes a vibrant metropolis and military bases, adding depth to your aviation journey. To enhance the experience, Thrustmaster and SIMMARKET collaborate to offer challenges, events, and giveaway coupons, making Thrustmaster I-Land Secret Playground an oasis of diversity and adventure in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean.

Get ready for an aviation extravaganza with THRUSTMASTER I-LAND Secret Playground, featuring challenges that test your flying skills. Whether you prefer solo exploration or competitive flying with fellow pilots online, this add-on promises a never-ending source of surprises and inspiration. Immerse yourself in the beauty of THRUSTMASTER I-LAND Secret Playground‘s environments and tackle thrilling missions, from high-speed aerial maneuvers in military zones to delicate deck landings on the imposing aircraft carrier. Download this must-have add-on and join the Thrustmaster community in discovering a virtual destination that redefines the boundaries of flight simulation.

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