MK-Studios – Keflavik MSFS

A realistic airport with massive details and high quality textures, in heavy conditions ? Let me suggest you to have a tour in Iceland, at

MK-Studios – Keflavik Update v1.2

The beautiful scenery of MK-Studios to depict Keflavik airport KIBF in Iceland, for P3D v5 and v4.5, has been updated to version 1.2. A few

MK-Studios – Keflavik P3D4

MK-Studios latest release is Keflavik for P3D4, and their marvellous package has more than just BIKF airport itself. Of course, the main airport in Iceland

MK-Studios – Keflavik Preview

Follow MK-Studios for a quick walk in the airport of Keflavik BIKF under development for P3D, and probably followed by the X-Plane version. You will

Aerosoft Keflavik last preview ?

Out of the ground textures, Shaun Fletcher of Aerosoft revealed the latest 3D rendered screens of Keflavik airport. Whether you use Iceland X or not,

Aerosoft – news of Keflavik

Thorsten Reichert of Aerosoft updated the Keflavik BIKF airport development thread with 3D rendering screenshots. See buildings and detailed vehicles after a click here.

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