MK Studios – Keflavik BIKF V2 MSFS

Join us in the immersive and challenging environment of Keflavik Airport with MK Studios’ Keflavik BIKF V2 in Iceland for Microsoft Flight Simulator, now available

MK Studios – BIKF Keflavik MSFS Preview

Keflavik International Airport (BIKF) is the largest airport in Iceland, located near the town of Keflavik, about 50 kilometers southwest of the capital city, Reykjavik.

MK-Studios – Keflavik MSFS

A realistic airport with massive details and high quality textures, in heavy conditions ? Let me suggest you to have a tour in Iceland, at

MK-Studios – Keflavik Update v1.2

The beautiful scenery of MK-Studios to depict Keflavik airport KIBF in Iceland, for P3D v5 and v4.5, has been updated to version 1.2. A few

MK-Studios – Keflavik P3D4

MK-Studios latest release is Keflavik for P3D4, and their marvellous package has more than just BIKF airport itself. Of course, the main airport in Iceland

MK-Studios – Keflavik Preview

Follow MK-Studios for a quick walk in the airport of Keflavik BIKF under development for P3D, and probably followed by the X-Plane version. You will

Aerosoft Keflavik last preview ?

Out of the ground textures, Shaun Fletcher of Aerosoft revealed the latest 3D rendered screens of Keflavik airport. Whether you use Iceland X or not,

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