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1011 Captain II For P3D4

Captain Sim announce the release of 1011 Captain II Base Pack and 1011F Freighter Expansion for P3D4. New items and features are identified among the

777 Captain II Available for P3D 4.4+

Captain Sim officially announced the port-over to P3D v4.4+ of their Boeing 777. Named 777 Captain II, their products collection includes different engines and models

757 Captain III – 757-300 Expansion

757 Captain III pilots are informed the 757-300 Expansion is now available for P3D4. Captain Sim announce it has custom engines performance and flight model.

757F Captain III Also for FSX P3D v3

The Freighter Expansion for the Boeing 757 Captain Sim has been also released for FSX and P3D v3 announced Captain Sim. It’s USD 10 cheaper

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