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Cockpitsonic GmbH Hardware

Based in Germany near Frankfurt, Cockpitsonic supplies qualitative and impressive pieces of hardware for flight simulators, mostly A320 and B737 cockpit replicas, but also for

Cockpitsonic – R22 Shell

Home cockpit users may have a look at this one. Cockpitsonic based in Germany sells its exact R22 replica shell at scale 1:1. Made of

B737 Seat From Cockpitsonic

Another of Cockpitsonic’s products is the B737 seat. As they show us on the product page “… it has the look as its real world

Cessna Panel Frame

Cockpitsonic from Germany is now offering a copy of a Cessna panel bezel (the frame around the panel). “…. This is the scale replica of

More Cockpitsonic Products

Cockpitsonic extended its range of products sold via simMarket today.On simMarket’s shelves (well, don’t take this too literally) are now not only a complete fiber

737 Steering Tiller

No wonder 737’s go off the runway sometimes. Imagine having to keep your car going straight ahead without a proper steering wheel in front of

News for the Wilco Airbus

Our reader Stephan Schäfer has sent in this bit of information: “Eric Marciano is providing a driver which allows the full integration of the Cockpitsonic MCDU

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