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FS2Crew – Animated Copilot FlyByWire A32NX

Experience a groundbreaking leap in flight simulation co-piloting with FS2Crew’s Animated Copilot FBW A32NX expansion pack. This remarkable addition takes realism and immersion to a


FS2Crew released an expansion for their copilot addon for FBW A32NX: Animated Copilot! Since many years ago, FS2Crew users hope there could an animated copilot

FS2Crew – Multiple MSFS Updates

FS2Crew has released numerous updates for its entire MSFS product line, including updates for the following versions of FS2Crew. And several of them are on sale at

Multi Crew Experience and PMDG 777

Also known as MCE, this addon brings to FSX and Prepar3D what they miss : copilot and crew interactions, interactive checklists, realistic ATC and more. With

FS2Crew 737 NGX Editions 25% OFF

Limited in time, FS2Crew started an offer on their 737 NGX Editions making their price reduced by 25%. Existing as Captain’s Set (Voice Command, Button

FSCabinCrew Update 1

FSCabinCrew has an update 1 already made available to the current users of the program. You should have received an email notification to get it

FeelThere – Call! for Airbus Evo Vol.1 / Vol.2

httpv:// Call! adds a copilot simulation for Airbus Evolution series. He reads the checklists, verifies also the aircraft systems and displays according to the flight

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