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CPFlight – New 737 MCP Pro v2 And More

httpv:// Manufactured by CPFlight, the well known MCP 737 Pro is now arrived in stock in its new version 2. Among the components, new Swiss made

CPFlight hardware news

It has been temporarily out of stock, but it’s now available again : this is the 747-400 MCP replica of CPFlight, and they are still

CPFlight MCP 737 are back in stock

Highly acclaimed for their quality and functionality, CPFlight dispatches again their MCP 737 devices, available in PRO and EL Series. This explains why simMarket set back

CPFlight more 737 modules

Already building a 737 cockpit replica at home or about to do so ? Check the new CPFlight modules for the 737 at simMarket :

CPFlight – New hardware

CPFlight asked for expanded shelves at simMarket for their cockpit parts. They are now selling Airbus FCU, 737 and 747 MCP, First Officer and Captain

CPFlight FCU320 and EFI320 Interfaces

FeelThere released a couple of drivers to allow CPFlight’s FCU customers to interface their FCU320 and EFI320 with the Wilco/FeelThere Airbus series. Customers must already

MCP737PRO From CPFlight On simMarket

CPFlight has put yet another bit of kit onto the simMarket shelves. “……. The MCP737PRO is a full scale replica of Boeing 737 MODE CONTROL

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