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Flight 1 – Flight Replicas Cub

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Flight 1 sells their new box of Flight Replicas Cub providing the J-3, PA-11 and L-4 Cub in 17 models and 34 liveries to let you “decide whether to go skiing, fishing or bush flying!”. The operations manual and checklists are found on the disc as PDF files though.


Flight Replicas – PA-11 Cub Special

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The PA-11 Cub Special is ready for takeoff from the airstrips of your choice ! Flight Replicas has a new package offering 7 different models with 6 paint schemes and a paint kit.


Legend’s New LSA Amphib Cub

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Now here’s a great video we picked up from YouTube, featuring the new Legend Amphibian Cub-clone presented not long ago. This is one of the new LSA (Light Sport Aircraft) and Avweb says about it “….It’s not just fun to fly; it’s insanely fun to fly!…””.


Review: A2A Simulations Piper Cub: The definitive J-3 Cub

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Our staff reviewer from down under Peter Hayes takes an in-depth look at A2A Simulations latest creation, their Piper Cub rendition, which he calls ‘the definitive J-3 Cub’. This is his verdict: This is a fantastic rendition of the J-3 Cub, It is faithfully reproduced in all its glory, down to…


The Old Cub IS New Again

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Who doesn’t know the old Piper J3 ‘Cub’, which is faithfully recreated in FSX as one of the default aircraft, and has been made many times over as add-on for Flight Simulator. The real ones are still flying everywhere, but are getting a bit tired. Cub Crafters is building NEW…

Press Releases Working On New Launches

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At long last some news from “….. we will be publishing work from a couple of new authors soon. Ron Jeffers has built a few ‘bush mission’ that we will bring in a pleasantly  priced package and Simon Smeiman from South Africa has built a little Piper Cub for…