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Hardware & Cockpit Thurstmaster HOTAS Warthog Review cover

Thrustmaster – HOTAS Warthog Review

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Ever since its release in 2010, the Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog has been the go-to high-end joystick/HOTAS for consumers. Numerous reviews have been written about it. But I wasn’t going to back out of the opportunity to look at it myself.

Add-on or Expansion Pack

DCS – Incoming AJS-37 Viggen

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httpv:// After their popular MIG-21 and F-14, Leatherneck Simulations will release this month the Swedish AJS-37 Viggen for the the Digital Combat Simulator. The 3D model quality and textures look just like the real one !


Razbam – First flight video of Mirage-2000C in DCS

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httpv:// What an impressive video : flying in DCS World, Razbam filmed their upcoming Mirage-2000C. This variant made for air defense, is still in operation today although the aircraft first flight was in late 1970’s. Razbam published new preview screenshots of an AT-27 Tucano, also developed for DCS.


Razbam tests the TWS radar on Mirage 2000C

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httpv:// During the last days, Razbam has added pictures and comments about their TWS radar they are currently developing for the Mirage 2000C in DCS. Today, their Facebook even displays a preview video I wanted to share here.


DCS: WW2 Europe 1944 Kickstarter project

By 13 News of Ilya Shevchenko’s Kickstarter attempt to create a WW2 combat flight sim in the DCS World has been around for a while now, but at the time of writing, with 24 days left to run, only around half of the $100,000 minimum goal has been pledged by backers.…

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