DCS: WW2 Europe 1944 Kickstarter project

News of Ilya Shevchenko‘s Kickstarter attempt to create a WW2 combat flight sim in the DCS World has been around for a while now, but at the time of writing, with 24 days left to run, only around half of the $100,000 minimum goal has been pledged by backers.

Full details of the project – and what will be added if pledge targets are exceeded – can be found on the Kickstarter website, here. Given the constant clamour for a new combat flight sim around the FS world, here’s your opportunity to help make that happen!

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  1. I would have posted the project overview video, but as it seems to be firmly embedded in the Kickstarter page and wouldn’t come out easily.

    Incidentally, I think that P-51 is taking off, rather than landing – either that or he’s going way too fast to stop on the runway!!! πŸ˜‰

  2. As soon as I heard about the kickstarter I put in my pledge. If this project doesn’t get over the line it will be many years before we get a WWII Combat Flight Sim with the fidelity and quality shown in the DCS series. Come on, this is a once-in-a-decade opportunity to show our support for the genre!

    1. Really Chris?

      There’s a world of difference between the arcade combat of especially WoWP and slightly less so WT versus DCS. I think you may need to Google DCS World and take a look at the depth of simulation involved with their sims, sir!

      1. Yes, really Ian P.

        The theme “WW2” is completely grazed and one big competitor is working on a really promising project. Yes, I am refering to WT even it is arcade gameplay. Nevertheless I wouldn’t dare to compare arcade (95% idiots) with a simulation. It’s just the fact which makes me sceptical that fighting versus a AI controlled opponent is pretty easy and therefore boring after a while. And yes I googled DCS once again, even it was known to me before. Well, at the end of the day it is just a military simulation of a completely grazed theme (as I said) with nice system depth, dynamics etc but I don’t think that this concept is able to provide fun for a longer peroid of time. As long as you are not a WW2 fanatic who does not look to the left or right on his path πŸ˜‰

  3. War Thunder is really not a “really promising” project as a flight simulator. It is an arcade game, played by arcade game players – the “95% idiots” to which you refer. The fact that it has more simulated functions than World of Warplanes is, in this instance, neither here nor there, because WT is aimed at a mass market, not a simulated market. In order to survive it will always remain a massively multiplayer team arcade game.

    The fact that people are still playing Combat Flight Simulator I (FS98 equivalent) and II (FS2000 equivalent) very regularly, plus IL2, which is also around 20 years old, indicates that a market exists which you clearly are unaware of. They fly in multiplayer squadrons, PvP, not only single player against AI. You can enjoy War Thunder, the systems fanatics can enjoy a DCS WW2 if it ever happens. That’s the nice thing about “choice”; you can select to play what you want and so can everyone else.

    1. I have never said that WT is some kind of a flight simulator. Nor I am a fan of it. Please read carefully! Also DCS opened their software to a large market by offering a basis which is extendable by further purchases (more or less like WT with their golden eagles). Of course there must be a market. Otherwise companies like DCS would not develope these kind of software. However, it is a very small market. DCS does not have enough capital to finance such a project, as you can see. Additionally, the theme is grazed as I mentioned before. In the end it is depending on your taste – “choice” as you said. I was just wondering that a third russian developer is going to create a WW2 based game. Everyone wants his piece of the cake, right…

      1. It is “grazed” (you do realise that phrase means nothing to most people, right?) in your opinion.

        You are the person that posted the completely false comparison between WT/WoWP and DCS, not me. I just pulled you up on your complete lack of comparable titles.

        The fact that so many WW2 titles are developed and sell massive amounts is also apparently slipping through your grasp. It’s the most popular period to be simulated because it’s the most popular era to play in. Modern and pre-WW2 sims tend to do very poorly, because those really are a small market. Even today, kids will name the P-51, Spitfire, B-17 and B-29 as their favourite aircraft, not F/A-18E, Typhoon II or Su-27.

        Incidentally, you also apparently missed the fact that 777Studios are already developing a title to compete with this (IL2 Battle of Stalingrad), but to say it’s an era that is no longer worth developing in is, evidently, not true.

        (edited to correct “evidentially” to “evidently”. Changed what I was saying, but didn’t correct that word… Silly.)

  4. To end this: “grazed” = so many others were already here, so move on. Originally a term used in the agriculture. However, it fits here very well.

  5. My wife comes from a background of cattle farming, hence it’s a term I understand as well. The reason I wouldn’t use it in this instance is because many of our readers don’t have English as a first language, that’s all. Most people I know would use that term to describe scratching the surface of something – the opposite entirely of what you are saying – which is why I brought it up at all. I also apologise because my last post could have been taken as considerably more ‘attacking’ than it was intended to be, so I’m sorry about that. As you say, end of subject.

    The other reason that I am aware a market for this certainly exists is because of the number of posts on social media that I have seen – and e-mails that simFlight has received – urging people to back the project. However I’ve also read complaints about the funding method, comments that the funding is entirely insufficient, discussion about the merits for and against the “free to play” with with paid DLC structure of software at all.

    In my personal opinion, we should be discussing this stuff more, not less. Should we just lie down and accept the way that the industry is heading? Are there other markets and other methods that should be used instead? Call me ignorant and arrogant (I’m sure many of you do!) but I really think that we should be talking about this and not just complaining behind closed doors.

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