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Alabeo – DA42 Twin Star X-Plane 10

httpv:// It’s possible to expand generously your general aviation aircraft fleet in X-Plane 10 thanks to Alabeo. The beautiful DA42 Twin Star pack is well equipped

Alabeo – DA42 Twin Star FSX P3D

Wonderful package again ! Alabeo applied their popular recipe on the DA42 Twin Star, combining their G1000 system with the volumetric side view of the propeller, the

Aerobask – Diamond DA-42 Twin Star 3.0 X-Plane 10

httpv:// Install a detailed Diamond DA-42 Twin Star for X-Plane 10.30. The french developers behind Aerobask already produced other GA airplanes, and they deliver now this

XP DA-42 version 3.0

Aerobask‘s DA-42 Twin Star for X-Plane 10 has been updated to version 3.0 and is now available – with a discount as well – at

Alabeo DA40 interior pics

Alabeo opened the doors of the Diamond DA40. Jump in and have a glance at the virtual interior and panel for the first time. The gauges

Alabeo next project revealed

The sophisticated Diamond DA40 is a trendy light aircraft for pilots studying with the modern glass cockpit environment, but it’s also well adapted for travels. You

Lionheart “Fleet Pack” Available

Fans of Lionheart‘s models can now get their hands on a pack covering five of the developer’s models, from the LSA Aerospool WT-9 Dynamic through

Lionheart lands a Diamond

Lionheart‘s Diamond DA-40 XLS for FSX and P3D is a modern four-seat touring aircraft featuring a G1000 MFD, which has been tweaked beyond the default

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