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Taxi2Gate Hamad Intl OTHH

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Taxi2Gate comes with very attractive screenshots to introduce their new scenery of Qatar’s capital : Doha. Hamad Intl (OTHH) is a modern airport that you will enjoy for sure either in FSX, P3D v1 or P3D v2. The long list of features sounds like a warranty of entertainment : animated…


Taxi2Gate – Doha 1st preview

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Like other destinations in the Middle-East, Doha in Qatar tends to attract tourism and business, making its airport a key to achieve such economic developments. The first preview of Doha (OTHH) by Taxi2Gate is already online : click here for their Facebook page.

Add-on or Expansion Pack

Doha International for FS9/X

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Doha in Qatar is not one of those airports that seems to get massive coverage in any version of MSFS. As a base of operations for flag carrier Qatar Airways, however, it is becoming better known as a transfer point, as well as another point of entry to the economically…