Taxi2Gate Hamad Intl OTHH


Taxi2Gate comes with very attractive screenshots to introduce their new scenery of Qatar’s capital : Doha.

Hamad Intl (OTHH) is a modern airport that you will enjoy for sure either in FSX, P3D v1 or P3D v2. The long list of features sounds like a warranty of entertainment : animated jetways, photoreal terrain and custom textures, numerous objects and vehicles, city of Doha, etc.

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  1. Bought it yesterday and installed it on both FSX and P3DV2. Looks great on P3D and good FPS but only due to the fact that I only have stock traffic and there were no traffic parked at new airport. On FSX, I do not have any traffic on it even though I have third party traffic. About 10% of scenery is under water. Does not look as great as P3D. Will have to research how to program traffic to change flights from old Doha airport to new OTHH.

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