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Review: AS Beaver X Mission Pack

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Hello fellow sim-pilots! Today’s review brings me back to familiar territory. A review of an add-on, where once again the story makers try to make FSX fresh, new, and challenging.

This review is about another Aerosoft Online product, this one called: Aerosoft Beaver X Mission Pack. This mission pack also requires the FS2004 & FSX SP2/Acceleration compatible Aerosoft Beaver X (Sold separately). I am not reviewing the plane model, but I will say it truly is a joy to fly and a great addition to any FSX collection. (I guess I did review it a little bit after all LOL).


Review: Multi Crew Experience by FS++ Limited

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Hello fellow sim-pilots! Today’s review is another first for me. It is an add-on, but not the usual mission based or even scenery based add-on. This one is called the Multi Crew Experience. It requires a headset with microphone, or speakers/headphone and a microphone (All sold separately) because it is…


Review: Sandspit Missions

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Hello fellow sim-pilots! This week I am writing about another mission based program called Sandspit Missions. This add-on is made by RDJ simulations. It’s a small program, and to be honest it’s cute, but somewhat under whelming.