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Duxford by Airfield Construction Group

Airfield Construction Group introduced their actual and advanced stage of development for Duxford scenery (UK). Found in the South of Cambridge, the Imperial War Museum

Duxford In The Battle of Britain

This summer you’ll see more news about the Battle of Britain, English aviation events and museums and other related topics. Why? Because in 2010 it

New simMarket Ad

If you’re a reader of PC Pilot or FS Magazin, then you will undoubtedly have seen our new full page ad recently. SimMarket has changed

Lancaster, courtesy of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight

Duxford’s 2010 Air Show Program

Duxford (Imperial War Museum) reports that admission tickets are now available to buy online for the following Air Shows at IWM Duxford: the Spring Air

Duxford Airshow Next Weekend

The Duxford Air Show presents the very best in historic and modern aviation, both civil and military, in the unique setting of the perfectly preserved

Flying the SR-71 Blackbird

If you want to know more about the legendary SR-71 Blackbird, then you should pay attention to this press release: “…… Don’t miss this month

Learn Duxford’s Hidden Secrets

From Duxford’s eFlyer we learn that “….. The Grand Tour is a new themed tour that reveals the lesser known stories and facts about Duxford.

Spring Air Show Duxford

The good weather is coming…. we hope… and so are the air shows. Here’s one to chalk into your agendas! “…… Spring Air Show opens

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