Duxford Airshow Next Weekend

SeptemberAirShowThe Duxford Air Show presents the very best in historic and modern aviation, both civil and military, in the unique setting of the perfectly preserved Second World War airfield.
“…. We are delighted to announce that the world-renowned The Red Arrows will be closing the flying programme on Saturday 5 September. There will also be a vintage aerobatic competition on both days, recalling the grand days of the Lockheed Trophy. The flying participation also includes Eurofighter Typhoon (Saturday only), B-17 Flying Fortress ‘Sally B’, Hawker Demon, Supermarine Spitfire (x4) and Messerschmitt Me 109 — to name but a few…..”.

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Thursday, August 27, 2009 18:15

sF.COM: Duxford Airshow Next Weekend http://bit.ly/15vPeQ

Thursday, August 27, 2009 19:43

From the network: Duxford Airshow Next Weekend: The Duxford Air Show presents the very best in .. http://bit.ly/JvCUs