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TOGA Projects – Envshade SP1 Released

With new customization settings and new features to enhance again the visuals, the Service Pack 1 of Envshade is ready for P3D. TOGA Projects announced

TOGA Projects – EnvShade P3D Update

TOGA Projects team enhances again their EnvShade for P3D with the directional clouds lighting management. It’s compatible with PBR effects and the clouds receive light

TOGA projects – Envshade Trailer [Video]

httpv:// Custom coded for P3D v4/v3, Envshade by TOGA Projects is an efficient and light tool that greatly enhances your flight simulator environment look. Without specific

TOGA Projects – Envshade Update 1.0.1

Highly acclaimed by its happy users, Envshade tool of TOGA Projects receive its first patch, already in your user account downloads. Their customers and Facebook visitors

TOGA Projects – ENVshade P3D

httpv:// At the top sellers list since release, ENVshade P3D is an automatic and easy tool to tweak the shaders in P3D v4/v3, for the

TOGA Projects – EnvShade Is Incoming

httpv:// After EnvTex success, TOGA Projects next title is about to come out at simMarket. EnvShade is a standalone product that will help you a

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