TOGA Projects – EnvShade P3D Update

Easy, very efficient and cheap, EnvShade P3D is a shaders enhancement for P3D v5/v4/v3 that will improve the global look of the graphics engine. It’s dynamic, meaning that the tweaks are adapted to the current weather situation, and it’s automatic if you want to setup and fly. It’s also customizable if you like to manage the settings and presets.

The developers team TOGA Projects delivered a new update for Envshade P3D. You can use their EnvDir freeware tool to download and manage their product updates.


  • Dynamic shadows tweak depending on weather conditions added
  • Dynamic reflections tweak depending on weather conditions added
  • P3Dv5.1+ Object bleeding through clouds fix added
  • P3Dv5.1+ Enhanced terrain brightness at night with Enhanced atmospherics enabled
  • P3Dv4.5+ PBR surfaces showing more realistic colors at dawn and dusk
  • P3Dv4.5+ PBR surfaces metallic parts displaying black at night fixed
  • P3Dv4.5+ PBR surfaces now dynamically react to weather conditions
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