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Carenado – FA50 EX Coming Soon

Launched in the mid 90’s to replace the 50 model for a better fuel efficiency, Carenado is modelling the Falcon 50EX. The published features list

Aerosoft – Projects previews

Aerosoft keeps working on various projects in the same time, and publishes regular updates on the actual developements. Here are some preview updates about Weeze

Paris Orly and Falcon Ultralight previews

As Aerosoft has gone further in Paris Orly scenery development, they’ve posted 30 new screenshots showing their latest details design. Enter the preview here. Mathijs

Rent a Falcon

Want to fly an F-16 sim in your backyard? FSRentals sent us a PR saying that “….. FSRentals now offers a complete High-End F-16 Fighting

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