Aerosoft Releases F-16 Fighting Falcon X

Mathijs Kok from Aerosoft reports that “…… The F-16 Fighting Falcon is a multirole jet fighter build by General Dynamics for the US Air Force. The lightweight fighter became the ubiquities fighter as it was exported to 25 nations and a record breaking production of over 4,400 aircraft. Updated every decade it remains the basic fighter for nations worldwide. Apart from being a very serious fighter it remains about the most enjoyable aircraft to fly with the superb maneuverability and power that allows vertical climbs. Visibility is unparalleled in the frameless bubble canopy. This enjoyment remains fully intact in FSX……”. Available from simMarket now !

“……. The Aerosoft version includes the most used versions in the highest possible detail. With close to half a million vertices it most likely is the most detailed aircraft ever designed for FSX. The realism of this product is great that parts of the product are sold to professional users and is used in the first stages of training of pilots in 3 countries. Where other internally developed aircraft try to merge all existing models into one ‘universal’ model, the F-16 was designed with pure realism in mind, down to the smallest detail each of the 21 models is as the real aircraft patrols the skies. In FSX the F-16 is a joy to fly, with the controllability of a light aircraft and capable of altitudes of 50.000 feet and speeds exceeding Mach1. It is extremely agile yet easy to control (it will fly where you point the nose) it allows you to explore the environment of FSX like never before.

· A, AM and C models
· General Electric F110-GE-100 and Pratt & Whitney F100-P-220 engines
· F-16C Block 50/52 Current and A MLU cockpits
· 21 different external models, all very accurate showing the actual model. 14 different external bombs, pods, tanks and missiles.
· All the model have separate flight dynamics, based on the engine model and the load of the aircraft. So actually 21 really different flight models.
· 61 different liveries, spanning 15 countries.
· Realistic radar, ICP, DED, MFD’s, HUD……”.

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