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Virtual Dispatch v0.6.0

For sure I’m not the only one fan of this kind of utility, looking for perfect and “professional-like” tools assisting in the numerous preflight tasks.

Virtual Dispatch V 0.3.0

Philipp Bauer reports that he has released version 0.3.0 of his Virtual Dispatch freeware flightplanner software. VD assists you in creating detailed flight plans including

Courseplanner 4 On simMarket

The programmer of ‘Myoddweb’  (must be living in England to think of such a company name) has just released his latest version of the flightplanner

A Really Cheap Flightplanner !

After the minuscule uproar following the new Aerosoft Flightplanner release last week, here’s something to play with if you do NOT want to spend a

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