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FSPS suggest FFTF Dynamic FSX to FSX pilots who need the highest framerate in the detailed airport, to avoid blurry textures, without having to change the

Another F2P game with planes

We can’t really call Heroes & Generals an aerial combat game, if not simply because of the sheer amount of ground pounding required to get

FSPS – FSX Booster 2013

FSPS launched a new version 2013 of FSX Booster. This utility description sounds like a must-have : if you don’t feel comfortable editing manually your

AI Optimizer released

If you like to fly with AI Traffic, you noticed how it has a direct influence on your framerates. With AI Optmizer tool, you may

FSPS – FSX Booster v1.3.9.0

If you have the latest FSX Booster from FSPS, the automatic PC tweaker for best performance, there is an update for you. In FSPS support

Three Little Letters…

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