AI Optimizer released

If you like to fly with AI Traffic, you noticed how it has a direct influence on your framerates. With AI Optmizer tool, you may have another way to keep your AI Traffic amount the same and saving FPS at the same time.

How ? Adjusting the level of details (LODs).. has released AI Optimizer, a tool for easily viewing and adjusting levels of detail (LODs) of FSX and FS9 aircraft. You can now easily tweak the FPS impact of your AI airplanes and helicopters with just a few mouse clicks.

AI Optimizer can run as a standalone program, or as a module inside Flight Simulator. It will display LODs and polygon counts of every installed airplane and helicopter in FS9 and FSX format. When used as a module, it can also display individual LOD models directly in Flight Simulator. You can easily adjust the FPS impact of every model by changing the pixel size at which individual LODs become active. You can also limit the visibility of every aircraft, thus further reducing the FPS impact.

AI Optimizer is a must have utility for every Flight Simulator user who is serious about AI traffic and smooth frame rates. It is compatible with every AI traffic add-on. A free demo version is available. For more information and to download the new product, please visit“.

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