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Francois’ AOPA Blogging

AOPA, the world’s largest association for pilots, has started a new initiative to get more people into the real world of flying. Through their ‘LetsGoFlying’

And Now For Some Real News…..

well, sort of….. : I am BACK! But maybe you didn’t miss me, in that case, please skip this post and continue your download of

Recruited By AOPA

Yes, yours truly was ‘recruited’ by the AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) to join their new initiative called ‘Lets Go Flying’ aimed at getting

Economic Crisis Good For Simming

Here’s a thesis: I think the current crisis for many consumers, especially those double-hit in the US (bad dollar AND bad economy), may be GOOD

Did You Know……

…… that nowadays you can CLICK your mouse on the thumbnail picture to the left of our articles, and get an enlarged view of the

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