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FS Academy – Navigator MSFS

IFR, Jetliner, Voyager, and VFR are the existing mission tutorial packs of FS Academy. The products series is now completed by their new title :

FS Academy – Jetliner MSFS Update

Registered pilots already using FS Academy Jetliner for MSFS have been notified that their Missions and Tutorials pack has been update in order to “fix

FS Academy – MSFS Jetliner Update

Jetliner is the mission package of FS Academy that guides the pilot to master the airliner in their daily tasks. All users received a new

FS Academy – Jetliner MSFS

FS Academy provides this full and step-by-step tutorial made of 30 flight missions to make of you a skilled pilot of the Airbus A320 in

FS Academy – IFR MSFS

Instrument flight training missions return, better than ever, with FS Academy – IFR for Microsoft Flight Simulator. IFR is an all-new, study-level package to take

FS Academy – Voyager MSFS

Take in our breath-taking world by embarking on a series of 7 Discovery Flights across some of the most iconic locations. Cruise past the skyscrapers of NYC,

FS Academy – On Instruments P3D

With the help of FS Academy, their multisupport tutorials will teach you and guide you how to fly on instruments. Video, PDF manual, approach charts

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