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FSAddon – Avro Anson Update

Maybe you will clean out the dust out of your Avro Anson model by FSAddon Publishing. The author Simon Smeiman and the publisher announce a

D-Day Project for Normandy 1944

D-Day 70th Anniversary will be celebrated next year in French Normandy, but FSAddon and FranceVFR are also getting ready by their side. Normandy 1944 historic

Pending release Normandy 1944

FSAddon Publishing and FranceVFR joined their forces and skills to develop Normandy 1944 in FS Classics venture, not to sell a single product, but to

FSAddon – Sling 2

Francois A. Dumas of FSAddon Publishing announced on the publisher homepage they have almost finished the Sling 2 product package. The designer Simon Smeiman have

FSAddon : Sling beta

On the homepage of FSAddon Publishing, a quick note informs the visitors that Simon Smeiman’s next aircraft model will be the Sling, manufactured in South Africa

FSAddon Ben Gurion update

Taxi signs, taxi lines and and a building crash near the Terminal 3 have been fixed by David Rosenfeld for FSAddon Ben Gurion LLBG in FSX

FSAddon – Matterhorn / Cervino video

httpv:// You have about 4 minutes to explore in video the next mountain scenery of FSAddon and developed by Real Earth X : Matterhorn /

FSAddon — Project Storch in beta

One the actual project at FSAddon Publishing is the Storch developed by Simon Smeiman. A few preview screenshots have been posted on their webpage as

FSAddon — Storch project

FSAddon Publishing manager, Francois Dumas visited last year a real and flying Storch at Fantasy of Flight, between Tampa and Orlando, Florida, USA. As a

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