Pending release Normandy 1944


FSClassics_Normandy1944_prevFSAddon Publishing and FranceVFR joined their forces and skills to develop Normandy 1944 in FS Classics venture, not to sell a single product, but to launch a community of developers and users.

The initial base package is about to be released, and it should be completed with more freeware and payware stuff.

Normandy 1944 is a set of photoreal textures in black and white, made of the aerial views dated in 1946. Custom mesh and objects for Normandy region will be bundled with 4 aircraft also delivered in black and white, flying through FLAK effects.

— Francois A. Dumas (@EuropeRider) July 24, 2013

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That should be a suffocating atmosphere… It’s funny to see a WWII theme being forced in black and white in FSX… It reminds me when I was a kid, I used to think that people perceived the world in the same aesthetics that Hollywood films or TV tech limitations made people used to (sepia, b/w, ochre tones etc…) 🙂

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