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FSTramp P3D XP11 FSX

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Integrated into the simulator, FSTramp brings various functions in a single tool : moving map, FMS with autopilot, and flight planner of course. The map displays the navigation beacons VOR/NDB, ILS frequencies and airport data, ATC sectors, but also the terrain elevation, lakes and rivers. The flight planning is easy…

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FSTramp v6.21

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Plan your flights, check the moving map in relief, use the included Autopilot features, is what FSTramp allows you to do in FSX, FSX:SE or P3D v2/v3. Access to these features directly in the simulator, or in a docked window mode as you prefer. Then, it’s possible to update the…

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FSTramp – P3D v2.2 compatible

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Version 5.4 of Helge Schroeder’s FSTramp navigation module is now available to download from major freeware sites, with the announcement from the developer that the latest version is now compatible with Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v2.2 as well as FSX SP2/Acceleration. The time limited shareware application runs within FSX/P3D (not currently…


FSNavigator in FS200x : then FSTramp for FSX

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A few years ago, Helge Schroeder left FSNavigator development, a flight planning success story ended with FS2004 but started much earlier for previous FS versions. You can find or recognize some neat and useful features in FSTramp, for FSX. This integrated module helps in flight planning and flight controls with…