FSTramp P3D XP11 FSX


Integrated into the simulator, FSTramp brings various functions in a single tool : moving map, FMS with autopilot, and flight planner of course. The map displays the navigation beacons VOR/NDB, ILS frequencies and airport data, ATC sectors, but also the terrain elevation, lakes and rivers.

The flight planning is easy and complete : add SID/STARs, update the database with AIRAC cycles, maange the vertical navigation. Made for P3D XP11 and FSX. Download and try the demo from simMarket, and purchase your 18 months licence.

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Didn’t take long for those despicable practices to reach the flight sim world.

Yes. I previously owned a license for FSNav and earlier versions of FSTramp, and was on the verge of pulling the trigger again until I read about the 18 month license. Put my CC away after that.

wait, what? 18 month licence? then you have to purchase again?? please clarify

My thoughts exactly. As good a program as it is, it doesn’t bring anything to the table to warrant a subscription pricing model. Will be a no-purchase from me.

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