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Fly Design – Cannes Mandelieu, Krakow, Gdansk for MSFS

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Use MSFS to visit France and Poland with Fly Design who launch 4 different airports at the same time. In each product, you will be surprised by the quality of surroundings and the airport custom buildings to provide a realistic environment. New airports for Flight Simulator : Cannes Mandelieu, LFMD,…


FlyDesign – EPGD Gdansk Lech Walesa 2019 P3D4 XP

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Located in the Northern region of Poland, the traffic at Gdansk airport significantly increased in 20 years from only thousands to millions of passengers per year, to become the third airport of the country. Its rendition by FlyDesign exists for either P3D4 or X-Plane 10/11. Choose your platform and enjoy…

Add-on or Expansion Pack

Volume 1 Version 3 of Drzewiecki Airports for FSX

By 0 This package has been a while coming, according to the news article announcing the FS9 version of Drzewiecki Designs’ Polish Airports Volume 1 version 3, but with the addition of Lublin and Świdnik to the line-up, it’s now been rebuilt to FSX/P3D standards and is available to purchase. The…


Drzewiecki Polish Airports vol.1 V3

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In version 2 released in 2010, there were already 3 airports in the bundle. In the future version 3 for FSX / P3D / FS9 to be released in 2013, the airports bundle by Drzewiecki Design will add EPLB Lublin. “Most of the Polish Airports vol.1 package” got rebuilt “from…