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FSX3D – Sisteron-Vaumeilh LFNS MSFS

FSX3D is a company that specializes in developing high-quality scenery add-ons of small airfields or regional airports in France for flight simulators. Sisteron-Vaumeilh LFNS MSFS

IRIS – Grob Twin Astir preview

Soon in the aircraft collection of IRIS Simulations, we’ll find their first glider. Recently posted via Facebook, the designers group reveal the 3D renders of the

Aerobask – Antares 20E Glider X-Plane 10

httpv:// The Antares 20E produced by Aerobask loads Lithium-ion batteries and a 42 kW electric motor to self-launch the glider up to 10’000 ft ! Once

A1R Design Bureau – L-13 Glider

The second product of A1R Design Bureau is a glider for trainees pilots. The L-13 model manufactured in Czech Republic is reproduced here with HD textures, custom

Aerosoft WiP pics of ASK 21

Aerosoft‘s glider guru, Joachim Schweigler, has posted three new pictures of his Work in Progress ASK 21 tandem glider to their forum. The three new

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