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New screenshots of Aerosoft’s WiP ASK 21

It may have only been recently announced, but developer Joachim Schweigler is already posting more work-in-progress screenshots of the upcoming ASK 21 twin-seat glider from

New glider project at Aerosoft

Over at the Aerosoft forums, here, you’ll find the announcement of a new project from developer Joachim Schweigler. Fresh from the recent release of the

IRIS – Grob Twin II Acro (FSX)

Iris will make you jump in a detailed glider model,  look at what they are developing : the Grob Twin II Acro. Just a few more weeks

Christmas Present For FSX

We don’t have to wait for Santa Claus to receive some gifts, FSAddon began first. Who’s next ? “Simon Smeiman and his brother Toby have

Aerosoft – Discus K Glider X

After 20 months of development, Aerosoft presents the Discus K Glider X. Using all FSX options, and the Aerosoft Sound Control, fly the K version

Motorized Flight Without Fossile Fuels

That’s what the German Antares DLR-H2 does! The picture shows the Antares DLR-H2 “…… during its technical flight trial in June 2009 at Zweibrücken. The

Glider Field In Denmark

Nick Hesel has designed a small glider field in Denmark. “…..This airfield lies in Denmark in the middle of Jutland, and the name (as the

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