Attention Soaring & Glider Fans: WinchX! was released

WinchXOur reader binky9 has noted that Peter Lürkens has released WinchX!, yes, the ‘X’ stands for an FSX addon, and the ‘winch’ part stands of course for a winch launch for gliders … therefore here follows the official product text: ” WinchX! is an add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator X for the simulation of a winch launch of a glider aircraft. It allows to use winch launch anywhere on the world with very little prerequisites. Only the input from reality is needed as length of the launch cable, desired airspeed, and force limitation.

WinchX! produces occasionally cable breaks as an additional element of realism and to prevent real glider pilots of becoming careless about launch interruptions.”

You will find more detailed screenshots and download links at the authors site. You also find there access and information the the same authors CumulusX! 1.2 (now you guess what the ‘X’ stands for?) and further tools for your soaring and glider amusement!

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