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Review: FS Addon – Gloster Gladiator X

FSADDON have released another WWII Fighter ie the GLOSTER GLADIATOR, designed specifically for FSX. This is a biplane (the last built for the RAF) but was quickly superseded by the superior monoplane designs, eg Spitfire and Hurricane. FSADDON have given us 3 variants, the Mk 1, the Mk II with a more powerful engine and the latter also powered another variant called the SEA Gladiator, which was used on various aircraft carriers in WWII. This is a nice collection of a now defunct war bird that not only looked good and was also very easy to fly.

FSAddon – Gloster Gladiator X

Gloster Gladiator X from FSAddon has just been released. A double-decker created by Simon Smeiman. More info and availability by FSAddon. Read all about it

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