FSAddon – Gloster Gladiator X

Gloster Gladiator X from FSAddon has just been released. A double-decker created by Simon Smeiman. More info and availability by FSAddon. Read all about it on the product page at simMarket.

“The Netherlands, July 2, 2010 — Simon Smeiman’s latest creation is the WW2 bi-plane Gloster Gladiator for FSX, now published by FSAddon Publishing. Simon is constantly improving his skills and the new Gladiator is of excellent quality! It comes in three different variants, including a model on skis. In addition is has no less than SEVEN different liveries/skins. …./”

See more features and more stunning high resolution images after the break….

…/” There are also lots of animations included, like a complete maintenance crew working on the Gladiator when parked, and even the four .303 Browning canon CAN FIRE and throw out spent cartridges. Don’t worry, nothing gets hurt in FSX when doing so !

Of course the model is made after a real one and we took many pictures of the exterior and interior at the Old Warden’s Shuttleworth Collection in the UK. The interior is completely modeled in Virtual Cockpit (no 2D supplied) and fully functional.

The Gladiator costs 16 Euros (ex VAT for EU customers), or roughly US$ 21,35 if you prefer to calculate in that currency. Non-EU customers do not pay the VAT of course.”

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