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Is Flight Simulation On The Decline??

Have you noticed too lately that the top selling products on simMarket (and elsewhere, I bet) are NOT flight simulator related anymore? Is everybody turning

Hawkers Boxed By Halycon

The German publisher Halycon Media now brings a box with four Hawker aircraft, originally designed for FS2004 but also flyable in FSX. These are the

‘Wimpey’ From Halycon Media

The German Halycon brings you the rehashed Vickers Wellington in a box. “…. Featuring the four most popular variants of the Vickers Wellington, the MK

Halycon International Fighters

Halycon boxed products are often rehashes of Abacus Pub titles. As such the International Fighters box is not new, but it IS new on simMarket.

Military Helicopters 2 From Halycon

First Class Publications, Abacus and now Halycon….. they are all vying for your Euro and Dollar on the Military Helicopters 2 title from the Russian

First Class Simulations Titles

First Class Simulations from the UK has released a number of products on simMarket. Among them UAV Predator, World War I Fighters, Early Years of

Halycon Publishes Razbam

The German publisher Halycon who re-packages many well-known (and not-so-wellknown) titles on CD for the German market, has now released two of Razbam’s recent aircraft.

Ship Ahoy!

More ‘stuff’ for our German readers. Halycon Seamulator 2008 (what’s in a name, anyway?) is now available on simMarket. If you’re not a great sailor,

Fighter Pilot 2 At Halycon Media

The German publisher Halycon Media has repackaged the Abacus Fighter Pilot 2 package… in a box. Fighter Pilot 2 is made by the Russian designer

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