Is Flight Simulation On The Decline??

Have you noticed too lately that the top selling products on simMarket (and elsewhere, I bet) are NOT flight simulator related anymore? Is everybody turning into simulated farmers and demolition guys these days? And no, I am NOT going to tell you about the chess program now on simMarket! Anyway, for those none-flyers here’s another (German language) product to ponder over: Trainz Simulator 2010 – repackaged by Halycon Media. Available through simMarket, of course……

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  2. @GG berty2 . You are the owner of fspilot shop ? You may compare the prices of fspilotshop and Fspilotshop is exspensive! .

  3. One thing I have always wondered is: “Is Halycon a misspelt name, or do they really mean Halycon?”

  4. I’ve always wondered why, when people spout tripe off the top of their heads, but they like to believe it is true, they always post in capital letters?

    Does shouting louder make them more right? Or just look even sillier than they did before?

  5. Dear Ever Greener:
    Bucolic is better!!
    Shakespeare King Lear:
    Bring oil to fire, snow to their colder moods;
    Renege, affirm, and turn their halcyon beaks (referring to the kingfisher??)
    With every gale and vary of their masters
    Hal Seeon

  6. Well I think in fact it is.

    What brought many beginners into simming was medium-to-high-quality freeware, which is almost extinct but some very few groups and individuals. Basically, you have to pay for almost anything worth having, with the HQ freeware in the vast minority. Take a look on the “usual” filebases and you’ll see what I mean. When I started with FS in the early nineties, all you needed was some imagination and a medium-powered PC. You d/l’ed some vague sceneries or aircraft and just had fun.

    Today, the finincial entry level has risen sharp. We barely have the computing power NOW that we would have needed when FSX was brand new.

    Further, demand has somehow moved to higher “quality”, whatever one deems important. Visuals? Authenticity of systems? Make your own choice. Lots of addons have become more and more complex, increasing development times and hardware requirements drastically.

    Longer development times also have made many addons obsolete shortly after the time they are finally released, or grousp of creators just faltered. And there’s always the matter of pricing.

    But that’s not all. Yes, without any doubt there are sh*tloads of morons out there asking the same stupid questions over and over again. But also “fresh” beginners (desk pilots and creators) have been repulsed by the flaming, arrogance and ignorance of “hardcore” simmers to which there’s never anything at 100%. Wannabe pilots who take simming so seriously that they can’t stand any simplification or “flying for fun”.

    So just take a look at yourself and wonder what you could do to make this leisure activity more pleasant to all, before it diminishes.

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