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Review – Aerosoft Iceland X and Keflavik X

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In this review I will be looking at two products from Aerosoft; Iceland X and Keflavik X. Iceland also known as the Republic of Iceland is an island country with an area of 103,000sq kms in the North Atlantic. It is sparsely populated having only about 320,000 inhabitants and of…


Aerosoft – Iceland X

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Pack your jackets and caps, you fly to Iceland X. Experience the breathtaking landscapes designed by Aerosoft, using specific landclass textures for the island, adding photoreal textures of glaciers, special weather effects and visual changes in each month of the year. They also included villages, towns, a detailed mesh, all…


Aerosoft introduces Iceland X

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Aerosoft plans to release the whole Iceland, with all lakes, rivers, glaciers, depicting the beauty of nature. The scenery will include as well the little islands but also.. the airports and challenging airstrips. Look at that.