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iPad AeroflyFS gains another model

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It’s possibly an odd choice for a VFR-orientated sim controlled by waving a tablet around, but the latest update to Ikarus Aerofly FS on iPad, version 1.1.0, brings with it a number of liveries for the previously released A320 model and one new aircraft – the Boeing 747-400. Other fixes…

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AeroflyFS Boxes at simMarket

By 0 Ikarus Modellsport’s entry into the world of ‘full scale’ flight simulation has been greeted with a lot of positive comments about its flight model, looks and potential, although right now it isn’t the full-featured, global free-roam, simulation that many want. For those who have missed simFlight’s previous coverage of…


aerofly FS – Another challenge to Flight and X-Plane?

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Spotted by our German colleagues over at, aerofly FS seems to have snuck out slightly ‘under the radar’, with no international press launch, advertising or discussion apparently at all. Stating itself to be “generated by an unprecedented combination from extremely detailed aircraft, high-resolution landscape and perfect flight physics” (Google…