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IXEG 737 Release Date Announced!

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Over on Frooglesim’s Facebook page, IXEG developer Tom along with Cameron from X-Aviation have just officially scheduled the release date for the IXEG 737. Yes, that’s right! Mark your calendar for this Saturday, Saturday the 23rd April. Albeit the conversation seemed sarcastic, we’ll see.Shame that there doesn’t seem to be any plans…


IXEG 737 Classic – Development news

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httpv:// IXEG team has news about the developement progress of their 737 Classic for X-Plane ! According to the latest report in their forum, they are checking and cleaning the FMS code, especially when VNAV mode is ON, when the autopilot computes and follows the vertical path.


IXEG – B737 Classic Previews & Video

By 1 The IXEG 737, one of X-Planes most anticipated aircraft’s. I have been following this project for a while now and things are looking great at the moment. Hopefully we may see it before the end of the year.


IXEG 737 project still alive

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The IXEG developers team are willing to demonstrate to the interested X-Plane pilots that their 737 Classic advanced simulation is still a project “much alive”, even on the comments of recently, and on their blog. Their last blog post detail another feature they have been coding, that I let…


IXEG 737-300 preview screens

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The 737-300 project for X-Plane by IXEG started like three years ago. From time to time, there’s a development update : the designers take time to explain their in-depth systems simulation accompanied with nice looking pics !


How goes the IXEG 737 project ?

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This International X-Plane Engineering Group has been working at this classic airliner with indepth systems simulation for X-Plane for more than a year already. Their last blog post explains a little part of their actual work, the FMS programming. And that’s a large amount of work, involving navigation and performance,…


IXEG 737 Classic Hydraulics systems demo

By 0 X-Plane community is demonstrating the nice activity and hardcore airliners add-ons versatility that are under development beside the first titles already available. Almost a year after our last post about them, IXEG uploaded a very interesting video to demonstrate how works the hydraulics system of their upcoming 737 Classic…