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Jetmax 777 setup preview

At Jetmax, they are still working on the Boeing 777 setup. The company is a daughter of Flightdeck Solutions to sell compact, modular, and ready-to-use 737 cockpit

JetMax 777 preview

You’ve been already dreaming of a JetMax 737 setup, and maybe you’ll think the night time is too short so you can dream of a

JetMax new 737 overhead

Little sister of FlightDeck Solutions, JetMax brand imagines compact hardware setup that need less room and PC units than a big and professional simulator. Even

JetMax New Product Unveil

Flight Deck Solutions was at the Quebec Flight Sim Show on past Saturday April 20th. Visitors could discover their first JetMax overhead for Boeing 737

First JetMax delivered

FlightDeck Solutions (FDS) developed a separate brand JetMax for products aimed at people willing to fly with realistic airliner controls and display but don’t want

FlightDeck Solutions JetMax

httpv:// I consider FlightDeck Solutions as one of the most active home-cockpit manufacturer, maybe thanks to their marketing department that is working efficiently (IBL panels

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