JetMax new 737 overhead


Little sister of FlightDeck Solutions, JetMax brand imagines compact hardware setup that need less room and PC units than a big and professional simulator. Even just one can run a JetMax according to Peter Cos, CEO.

FMC, throttle, EFIS, AFDS can be added, and soon, the overhead too. It will be priced 4199 CAD (about 3080 EUR / 2655 £), but the support structure will be sold separately at a price to be announced later.

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  1. That’s pretty cool. However I usually tend to stay away from hardware like these because I fly too many different planes.. with this all I could do is fly the 737 or some other twin engine aircraft

  2. The set up looks great – real pity the screen is where it is- that would have been better as an integral part of the set up

    1. True. Jetmax don’t sell seats and yoke either. It’s also confirmed beside the samedi pic on their Facebook.

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