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FSX3D – Calvi St-Catherine Airport LFKC MSFS

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FSX3D has always had a nice place among the French and quality sceneries, due to their textures quality and with the addition of numerous details, airport objects, vehicles and vegetation. Browsing the commercial screenshots of their first MSFS entry, in Corsica Island, Calvi LFKC, shows again how realistic it is.…


Aerosoft adapts Calvi for X-Plane 10

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httpv:// If FSX and P3D users have the choice in Calvi sceneries, the northern city of Corsica island in the Mediterranean Sea has one airport and city model for X-Plane 10, pretty straight and easy : Aerosoft solution. Adapted from their FSX/P3D scenery, you get the recreation of the citadel and vessel…


Promo video of Aerosoft Calvi X

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httpv:// Recently released at simMarket, Calvi X is an airport scenery located in Corsica : the mountains and the blue Mediterranean Sea are just beautiful and natural environment elements surrounding the detailed airport by Aerosoft. The approaches will make you marvellous memories since the surrounding have been also upgraded with the citadel of…


FSX3D – Calvi airport LFKC in Corsica for FS2004

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Announced shortly after the initial release of the FSX/P3D variant, there is now also the FS2004 version of the little airport of Calvi Ste-Catherine (LFKC) in Corsica. The author FSX3D integrated the airport in a photoreal scenery of the surroundings, completed with custom Autogen buildings and the industrial area.

Add-on or Expansion Pack

FSX3D – Calvi St-Catherine Airport LFKC FSX P3D

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httpv:// FSX3D made a beautiful, detailed and animated scenery of Calvi, a little airport found on Corsica island, in France. From the photoreal terrain with HD resolution, to the finely tuned animated vehicles, FSX3D didn’t make half of the job. To enhance even more their product, you will also hear…


OFX Simulation Calvi St-Catherine LFKC

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Difficult approach in sight ! The French island of Corsica is popular in our virtual sim lately. Today, I’ll introduce Calvi St-Catherine LFKC where OFX Simulation seems to promote a high-end design FSX scenery according to the detailed features list : a complex mesh, photoreal terrain made of aerial photos, animations…