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France VFR – Clermont-Ferrand LFLC X-Plane 11 or P3D v5/v4

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The new regional airport LFLC-Clermont-Ferrand in France for X-Plane 11 or P3D v5/v4 is now available ! This scenery models the very detailed Clermont-Ferrand Auvergne airport in the center of France. Once again, France VFR skills are obvious in the screenshots : beside the custom apron, markings and buildings, the global…


Clermont-Ferrand LFLC FS2004 from FranceVFR

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Laurent from FranceVFR likes nightly releases like this one.. and we at simMarket don’t mind working at odd times either, so here you have a French airport for your next stop in the land of cheese and wine… or was it truffes and champagne? Have it as you like it: “LFLC…