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France VFR – Lille LFQQ Airport For P3Dv5 and v4

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LFQQ – Lille Lesquin for P3D v4/v5 models the airport of Lille Lesquin (Dpt59) in an extremely detailed way, including high definition building and ground textures as well as the corresponding night textures. The scenery can be used independently or in addition to Nord-Pas de Calais VFR. It is also…


France VFR- Lille-Lesquin LFQQ For X-Plane 11

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In the Northern region of France, this new scenery models the airport of Lille Lesquin LFQQ to serve also Belgium that is very close. Its actual traffic is made of all kind of aircraft, and you see both regular and low-cost commercial airlines. France VFR designed a quality scenery and…

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Lille Lesquin Airport (FSX and Upgrade)

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The latest release of France VFR, Lille Lesquin Airport is now available in its FSX version. This scenery represents an extremely detailed Regional airport in the North of France including photo-real high definition textures of ground and buildings as well as night textures. The scenery covers about 50 km2 and…