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France VFR – LFRK Caen Carpiquet MSFS

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The latest product of France VFR is a regional and detailed airport for MSFS in the North of France, region of Normandy. In LFRK Caen Carpiquet, the whole environment is accurately designed from the terrain slopes, the aerial textures in high resolution, to the smaller detailed like ground markings, vegetation…


BDOaviation – Caen Carpiquet P3D5 FSX

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Here’s an opportunity to land in a detailed scenery of a French regional airport : Caen Carpiquet modelled by BDOaviation is made for P3D5, P3D4 and FSX. They included PBR textures at 4K et 2K resolution, hand placed vegetation and they did not forget the D-Day museum in the scenery.…